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Medical Facilities and Charges in Gobindapur & Mudiali Centre  
  • The Management shall arrange monthly Medical check up of general health of the residents.
  • Both Allopathic and Homeopathic doctors will be made available to the residents for consultation.
  • Occasional check up by Specialist doctors shall also be arranged.
  • The Management shall bear the cost of treatment of residents for minor ailments only and shall provide only basic painkillers and aspirins. However First Aid Box to combat small emergencies is readily available.
  • The Management shall make arrangement of travel and an escort, for the residents who wish to visit any specialist doctor of their choice. The cost shall be borne by the resident.
  • The Management shall arrange for the medicines which the residents will require in regular basis. Cost of such medicines is to be borne by the residents.
  • Service of Licensed and trained Physiotherapist and Yoga therapist will be made available to the residents at a very reasonable cost.
  • We have tie up with Ashok Laboratory one of the Kolkata's first NABL accredited pathological Laboratory to ensure correct results of all pathological tests. The charges will be at a discounted rate.
  • All medical expenses for treatment of major illness whether treated at "Ananda Ashram" or after being admitted to Hospital/ Nursing Home will have to be paid by the residents.
  • In case of emergency, well equipped Ambulance is readily available within minutes. Hindustan Healthpoint, Peerless Hospital, Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (a unit of Asian Heart Foundation and popularly known as Dr. Devi Shethi's hospital), Ruby Hospital which are among the leading Hospitals of Kolkata lie within short distance from 'Ananda Ashram. Well equipped Nursing Homes are also within few minutes driving distance.
  • The residents are required to fulfill the following financial obligations towards probable medical emergency before commencement of his/her stay as a resident of “Ananda Ashram”:

    1. Deposit an amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh) only, per person with the Management for arrangement of treatment for major illness.

      Management with approval of nature of treatment to be followed from the local guardian/children & guarantor shall take responsibility of payment for treatment from this fund only till it is 75% exhausted and the local guardian/children & guarantor will have to make immediate arrangement to replenish the amount spent from this fund in case the resident requires further treatment.

    2. ii. In case, the resident returns to “Ananda Ashram” from hospital/Nursing Home, he/she has to have a deposit of full Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh) only, with the Management towards further probable medical emergency.

    3. OR

    4. Deposit a nominal sum of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand) only, for only IMMEDIATE  EMERGENCY treatment.

      In such case Management will inform the local guardian/children & guarantor to decide on the treatment. The Management will have the responsibility only for the start of treatment.

      In case hospitalization is required Management shall only admit the resident to hospital/nursing home but responsibility of treatment and all financial responsibility shall lie on the local guardian/children & guarantor.

      In case, the resident returns to “Ananda Ashram” from hospital/Nursing Home, he/she has to have a deposit of full Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand) only, with the Management towards further probable medical emergency.
  • In both the above cases if during stay of any resident at ‘Ananda Ashram' this deposit amount is required to be used for any kind of medical treatment where hospitalization is not required, shall have to be replenished by the local guardian/children & guarantor or the resident him/herself immediately.
  • The deposit amount in both the above cases is 100% refundable in case of death of a resident after recovering any medical charges if due.
  • In case a resident has cover of Mediclaim Insurance (Minimum One Lakh), may avail a discount of 10% on the amount to be deposited with the Management for extending service of arrangement of treatment of major illness.
  • Residents with coverage under CGHS may also avail the same 10% discount as above clause.
  • Charges for consulting Specialist medical practitioner, cost of medicines prescribed has to be borne by the residents.
  • If a personal ayah/attendant is required by any resident, at any point of time during his/her stay at “Ananda Ashram”, the daily charge for the ayah/attendant and his/her food is to be borne by the resident.
  • In case of any resident becoming permanently incapacited and/or incapable of managing on his/her/own, Management will contact local guardian/children/guarantor for removing the resident from “Ananda Ashram”.
  • In case of inability to remove the resident under such circumstances from “Ananda Ashram”, the Management will have the right to remove the resident to a different suitable room other than the room he/she was originally occupying at the rate to be decided by the Management.