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Extension of Facility at Mudiali Near Rabindra Sarovar Click for Location Map

Navoday Association for Promotion of Indian Heritage – a NGO, formed in 1996 had opened up an old age home “ANANDAASHRAM” at Gobindapur on 7th May 2006.
Only ground floor of the Old Age Home Anandaashram (with future provision of 3 floors) was constructed and was set up with assistance from ITC Ladies Social Welfare Society.

Now, due to rising demand of requirement of rooms, existing number of rooms at Gobindapur is falling short. Thus the Governing Body has decided to start construction of 1st Floor over the existing ground floor.

Moreover, to provide more space for those who need, it also has been decided by the Governing Body to open up another centre providing facility from 1st September 2012 for 4 persons in twin sharing basis at the heart of the city Kolkata and at the same time adjacent to Rabindra Sarovar (Lake). It is in first floor of premises no. 26, S.R.Das Road, Kolkata – 700 026.

The rooms have spacious attached balcony overviewing greeneries and furnished with Geyser, Split Air Conditioner, TV, Intercom, Inverter in addition to Bed, Almirah, Dressing Table, Side Tables.

The kitchen is equipped with all modern amenities like Gas, Aquaguard, Microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster etc.

This centre is within a stone’s throw distance from Rabindra Sarovar (Lake) and is back to back of Public Service Commission building at Mudiali near Rashbehari crossing and Southern Avenue. This area is well connected by City main roads, Metro, Bus, Tram, Local Trains and other means of conveyance. All markets and other amenities are very nearby.

This extension center is only 5 minutes away from at least five Modern equipped Nursing Homes.
Cost Involved:
Accommodation in First Floor at Extension Centre at Mudiali


Pay Security Deposit as indicated below
  1. Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakh ) only, in twin sharing occupancy for Couples, Sisters, Brothers.
  2. Rs. 5,50,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh Fifty thousand ) only, per person in case of single person in twin sharing occupancy.


  1. Under no circumstances, the Security Deposit money held with the Management can be used towards personal expenditure or any Medical treatment / Hospitalisation of the residents.
  2. The above amounts of Security Deposit will not carry any interest and is refundable as per conditions stated in the “COST INVOLVED” Section of this Website.
  3. Please refer Section “C.” of “COST INVOLVED” Section of this Website for Personal Expenditure


The residents are required to fulfill the following financial obligations towards probable medical emergency before commencement of his/her stay as a resident of “Ananda Ashram”:

  1. Deposit an amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh) only, per person with the Management for arrangement of treatment for major illness. Management with approval of nature of treatment to be followed from the local guardian/children & guarantor shall take responsibility of payment for treatment from this fund only till it is 75% exhausted and the local guardian/children & guarantor will have to make immediate arrangement to replenish the amount spent from this fund in case the resident requires further treatment.
  2. In case, the resident returns to “Ananda Ashram” from hospital/Nursing Home, he/she has to have a deposit of full Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh) only, with the Management towards further probable medical emergency.


Please refer Section MEDICAL & CHARGES for coverage of MEDICAL TREATMENT / HOSPITALISATION expenses


Pay an amount as applicable below, as monthly contribution on account of food, service, amenities, facilities, repairs & maintenance and other sundry expenses.

  1. Rs. 18,000/- per month per head in case of twin sharing occupancy with private balcony and attached bath.
  2. Rs. 32,000/- per month in case of a single person occupying a full room with private balcony and attached bath.

The above charges may be varied at the sole discretion of the Management on giving prior notice.

Note : If any one of the couple expires, the surviving member will suffer from emotional trauma but, the surviving member shall have to pay the charge on the basis of above rate.

The contribution amount will change as per the centre’s rate which the person will occupy.

People staying at Extension centre at Mudiali can opt for shifting to Gobindapur centre as and when there is availability.

Alternatively people staying at Gobindapur centre can opt for shifting to Extension centre at Mudiali as and when there is availability.

Many programmes are arranged to the liking of the residents like, Music, Talks, Films and also just adda and interaction with outsiders and residents from other old age home.

Residents are also taken out to watch programmes like theatre, music soiree, and to participate in seminars and talks.

Residents are taken out during Puja and other festivals.

Special days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Senior Citizen Day are observed at the Home. Saraswati Puja is regularly held at Anandaashram.

We arrange for picnics with outsiders at Anandaashram.

Rotarians, Rotaractors visit Anandaashram regularly and entertain them with songs, Recitation, quiz, games etc.

Our first trip outside Kolkata was at PURI, Orissa. Residents were taken to PURI in July 2012 for 5 days and they enjoyed like small children. We all returned with unforgettable sweet memories.