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  1. No rent to be paid
  2. No Maintenance charges to be paid to the housing Society
  3. No Corporation tax is required to be paid
  4. No Water Tax is required to be paid
  5. No Electric Bill is required to be paid
  6. No Rental charge is required to be paid for maintenance of Telephone
  7. No headache of maintaining gadgets
  8. No salaries are required to be paid to the Servants
  9. No headache of cooking food
  10. No requirement to go to the daily market for vegetables, milk, egg, fish, chicken/mutton
  11. No expenditure for daily marketing and groceries
  12. No headache of worrying for the absentee servants
  13. No headache of washing regular clothes thus no expense in this head
  14. No headache to look for Plumber
  15. No headache to look for carpenter for repair works
  16. No headache to look for mason for repair works
  17. No headache to look for painter
  18. No headache to answer the door bell throughout the day
  19. No headache of locking the house for the night
  20. No banging of head is required to run the house
  21. No headache of arrangement to visit doctor
  22. No tension of how and by whom the treatment is to be started in case of major illness
  23. No headache for maintaining personal hygiene like clipping of nails etc
  24. No headache of maintaining a car and driver
  25. No Insurance and Road Tax is to be paid for the car
  26. Individuals staying alone can get the pleasure of good and pleasant company in the midst of other residents/boarders.