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Special Services  

Other than regular food and shelter :

  1. Bed making
  2. Dusting & sweeping
  3. Bathroom cleaning and wiping
  4. Washing of regular clothes and collecting after drying.
  5. Ayahs/Attendants will take care of the Residents round the clock.
  6. Room service of Drinking water in thermos flask.
  7. Room service for food is to be extended only when the residents are sick and unable.
  8. Newspaper, Magazines
  9. A few personalized services like
    • Nail Clipping
    • Combing of hair
    • Monitoring of regular medicine intake
    • Haircut & shaving
    • Others
  10. TV, Air Conditioner, Computer are allowed in the room under the follwing circumstances:
    1. A single person occupying a full room.
    2. Both the residents of a room are of same family
    In such cases, the Management will fix the electricity charges or provide a submeter for the said gadgets of the rooms and charges of the units of electricity consumed as in the sub meter is to be paid extra by the residents. The cost of the TV/Airconditioner machine/Computer and the charges for the set up, installation is to be borne by the residents. The cost of TV table, cable line installation and monthly cable line charges are also to be borne by the residents.